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New version! Uses the Aeva Media 2.x codebase to add support for Google Maps! Yay!

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Posted26 August 2010 19h43
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Comment #1 - Posted on 28 August 2010 16h25
Has anyone tested it yet ?
i installed locally and the test forum havent loaded ever since :/

i have installed over Aeva Media  :rougit:
in a clean install seems to work fine  :sifflote:
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Comment #2 - Posted on 29 August 2010 23h40
That was a risky move.... ;)

Well, I'm glad that this new Aeva Lite seems to work for everybody. Just like AeMe 1.4 is working (except for the small 'in_page' blunder I fixed this morning.) I mean, I compiled these out of nowhere, quite in a hurry, and even though I made sure I wasn't screwing up, I just wasn't positive about it. :)
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