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Aeva Media 1.3a (Spanish Translation)
Here is my translation, it is in both UTF-8 and entities and if I didn't provide the correct ones just rename the last part to your appropriate Spanish.

Please be advised that now all the Spanish files are in a package, so it will be easier to install/uninstall and future changes

Aquí está la traducción de esta modificación, si por casualidad no está el español que utilizan, sólo renombren el final del archivo para que corresponda con el que usan.  Cualquier duda solo escriban aquí.

Los archivos están ahora en un paquete, si les hace falta algún tipo de español o castellano solo indíquenme y con mucho gusto lo agrego.  Como ahora esta en paquete será más fácil instalar, desinstalar y agregar futuros cambios.

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Posted30 July 2010 à 21h52
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Comment #1 - Posted on 1er August 2010 à 10h03
Es compatible con la version Aeva Media 2.0 ?¿


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Comment #2 - Posted on 3 August 2010 à 19h19
No, pero si ya compraste la version, puedo poner mi version del 2.0 aqui tambien.


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Comment #3 - Posted on 6 August 2010 à 23h15
You may freely post your language files for v2.0 if you'd like.
Maybe later I will move them to their own album. Right now, they're fine here. It's not like there are many files in this album anyway ;)

Miss All Sunday

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Comment #4 - Posted on 16 February 2011 à 0h30
ok, sorry to ask here,  is there already a Spanish translation for the commercial version?   if it isn't, I can gladly provide one for spanish_latin language,  I will do it anyway since my site is in Spanish,  won't hurt to share it ^.^

edit, I think I found one:  spanish-translation-2-0-1/

sorry, still newbie here....
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